December 3, 2021

S2 – Ep2: Emigration requirements – In conversation with NWI

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S2 - Ep2: Emigration requirements - In conversation with NWI
We are talking to Sean from NWI about the Emigration requirements and how they can assist families and individuals on their immigration journeys.

Show Notes

What a privilege to welcome Sean Kupferberg from New World Immigration in our virtual studio today.

CJ and Eduan, both sitting in a rather cold and gloomy Netherlands each had a cup of Rooibos tea to keep them warm during the episode, while Sean on the other hand recorded from Cape Town and bragged – ever so subtle 🙂 – about how he would be enjoying an ice cold Klippies and coke after our call.

Sean and New World Immigration (NWI):
Sean has worked in the immigration industry for the better part of a decade. His knowledge and experience is evident. He is passionate about immigration and realistically highlights the challenges and opportunities that NWI comes across on a daily basis as and when they go about their business assisting families and individuals on their immigration journeys.    

New World Immigration, founded in 2009, is a customer-centric organization that focuses primarily on making it easier for prospective migrants to move abroad and live their dreams… On top of our visa services for South Africa, Australia, Canada, Europe and the U.S., we have a new property and relocation division that was created in 2015 that focuses on aspects outside of the visa process. This value added service comes free of charge to the client… We’re not taking on clients who we can’t help. We do not sugar-coat processes, and we are really open and upfront with our customers. Our open door policy ensures that our customers have access to more than our office. With this type of ‘no nonsense’ approach and putting any potential applicant’s goals and ambitions at the forefront of everything we do, we claim a success rate of 99.4%.” – NWI


Contact New World Imigration @


Best countries for South Africans to immigrate to: 

  • At least this is the Ons vir Jou Podcast team’s amateur opinion on this hot topic – DO NOT take this as advice 🙂   
  • We used a ranking system to rank 7 countries (NZ, AUS, USA, CAN, UAE, UK  and The Netherlands).
  • 19 different aspects/criterias were considered.
  • Each country received a score per criteria (out of 10, 8 or 6 – some aspects are more relevant and important than others – again this is our opinion)
  • The criteria covered aspects like: Work life balance, ease of entry/visa process, Opportunities for children, career opportunities, Economical and political stability, Language barriers, timezone, weather, timeline to citizenship etc.
  • According to this totally amateur (and potentially very biased) ranking system, the countries for South Africans to immigrate to ranked as follows:
  • 1. Aus, 2. Netherlands, 3. Canada, 4. UK, 5. NZ, 6. UAE, 7. USA
  • Sean then gave his views on why he agreed with our number 1 (Australia), and he also helped us understand why the USA is a tough immigration cookie to crack for the average South African wanting to immigrate there.


Criteria to immigrate to a new country: 

For this conversation we specifically chose to talk about: Australia, Canada, and USA.
Sean’s advice to each of us is to ask ourselves: “Where can I add value?” before considering the move abroad and targeting a specific country.

Australia and Canada

  • Both countries work on a points based system. 
  • The 4 or 5 most important boxes to tick before considering your move to either Australia or Canada: 
  1. The demand for your profession in the country 
  2. Age, 
  3. Qualifications, 
  4. Working experience, 
  5. English proficiency.  

Visit NWI to learn more about the criteria for Australia or Canada


  • CJ and Eduan’s perspective (with NO personal knowledge or experience on the matter) is that it is difficult to immigrate to the United States.
  • Sean confirmed this, and according to us it basically boggled down to the fact that if companies in the US want to import skilled migrants they really need to make a strong case on why they need the skills and experience from people from abroad and why they can’t fill those resource gaps with American citizens.
  • The two main avenues to consider when trying to immigrate to the US:
  1. As a professional where there is a high demand for specific skilled and qualified professionals
  2. As a business owner looking to expand his/her business

“Throughout its history, the United States has been a nation of immigrants. The population is diverse with people from all over the world seeking refuge and a better way of life… New World Immigration can assist you and your family with Immigrating to the United States of America.” NWI


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