February 18, 2022

S2 – EP7: Financial Emigration, tax residency and more

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Ubuntu Tips and Tricks
S2 – EP7: Financial Emigration, tax residency and more

Show Notes

Episode 7: Financial Emigration, Tax residency and more and more.

Ons Vir Jou Podcast were fortunate to welcome two specialists from Tax Consulting South Africa in the virtual studio for this podcast episode.

Victoria Lancefield – General Manager of the Financial Emigration business unit and Marisa Jacobs – Head of the Africorp Treasury business unit.

Sit back, relax and have a listen to some of the following topics during the episode:

  1. The various options to break tax residency ties with South Africa.
  2. General misconceptions with regards to tax residency, financial emigration and our tax responsibilities towards SARS as expats.
  3. Various laws, rules, limits and thresholds etc. when it comes to:  

    • Your worldwide income,
    • General tax responsibilities, and
    • Sending money to and from South Africa

  1. Possible consequences for not complying to the tax laws in place.
  2. FAQs with regards to Financial Emigration (these range from simple to more complex questions). Financial Emigration South Africa | Frequently Asked Questions
  3. Advantages of using an authorized dealer (like Africorp Treasury) to send money to and from South Africa

Pay special attention if you are based in the Middle East or in Europe!!

The Tax Consulting South Africa team is heading to these locations for in-person events/presentations to provide a comprehensive update on Expat Tax and to better inform the ‘Saffa’ community on all relevant matters.

Lastly, here are links to some handy articles for more information regarding Financial Emigration and Tax residency:


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