December 30, 2022

S3 – EP4: Yacht Life

Bits & Bobs
Bits & Bobs
S3 – EP4: Yacht Life

Show Notes

We hosted Illa (Ilanda) on the podcast late in November. She actually took the call while sitting on her bed in her cabin on the yacht just of the coast of Genoa, Italy.

Illa left her corporate day job a few years ago and flew to the south of France at the time to explore possible opportunities to work on yachts in the Mediterranean

Over the past few years she gained a lot of experience, made great friends and have some amazing stories to share and “yacht myths” to bust.
Life on the water sounds and is amazing, but it is not all about the glamour and it is certainly not a fulltime holiday!

Tune in for this entertaining episode.
She also share some tips during the conversation for those who would love to explore life on the yachts.


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