S3 – EP5: Getaway with Workaway

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In this episode the manne from the Onsvirjoupodcast sat around the microphone for an adventurous chat with Marilize Morren to hear about her Workaway experience.

S3 – EP4: Yacht Life

We hosted Illa (Ilanda) on the podcast late in November. She actually took the call while sitting on her bed in her cabin on the yacht just of the coast of Genoa, Italy. Illa left her corporate day job a few years ago and flew to the south of France at the time to explore […]

S3 – EP3: Watts in Italy

Eduan recently caught up with Andrew and Lizette Watts.

The Watts family (Andrew, Liz, and their daughter Emma) currently live in Italy and is in pursuit of a simpler and meaningful life in the Italian countryside.

S3 – EP2: New Zealand & Lockdown

We had a chat with Sean and Suzanne who moved to New Zealand back in 2017.

After nearly five great years in Wellington they moved to Wanaka.

We took the chance to talk to them about covid and how they experienced this period in their personal lives.

S3 – EP1: Don’t forget your passport

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In this season – Bits & Bobs – we will look into a variety of topics ranging from passport colours, to being a business owner aboard and everything in-between.