S1 – Bonus Episode: Moving back to SA – Sak en pak terug na SA

We have all heard the saying “you (we) can always come back”
In reality this is not always so straight forward for most Saffa expats who leaves South Africa’s borders for an opportunity and a life elsewhere in the world. Whether it is the new job or career, new friends or perhaps a new ‘familiarity’, the option to move back to SA holds it’s own challenges after a few years abroad!

S1 – Ep9: Samevatting – Wrap up

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All good things come to an end.

In this last episode of Season 1 – Die Groot Trek, we look back on the season and the journey of immigration. We also have a chat to a new guest living in London and look into what you can expect in Season 2 of Ons Vir Jou.

S1 – Ep8: Aanpassings – What I miss

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“I wish there was a way to know you were in the good old days before you left them”. This quote gets one thinking no matter how happy and contended life we are living, memories of the past are always a part of our mind.

S1 – Ep7: Voete vind – Settling in

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In this episode we discuss a few aspects that all of us might have experienced as tricky during the settling in phase of our expat journey. But we also touch on a few hacks that might help to assist future expats to settle in a tad easier.

S1 – Ep6: The American ‘detour’ dream (interview)

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Moving abroad is tricky, emotional and in the best of circumstances it involves a lot of administration. But imagine having to take your first ‘expat-steps’ during the Covid-19 pandemic. This being to the USA – a country well known for its strict visa rules and regulations. To add to the complexity of the matter, imagine having to fly out just 2-days after your daughter is born…

S1 – Ep3: Papierwerk – Ducks in a row

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Unfortunately, none of us can just rock up at the airport, pass through the boarding gates, get on a plane, fly to a new country and start a whole new life there. Nope, there are a few checks and balances to do and in most cases a number of important documents to have in place…

S1 – Ep1: Ek wil Trek – First Thoughts

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In season 1 we will investigate all the phases of Emigration. Today we kick off with step number 1, where we will discuss the first step “Ek wil trek” – First Thoughts. We will look into the reasons and motivation of wanting to make the move.